National Public School (NPS), Rajajinagar

5th Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore

Board: CBSE

NPS started its journey over 50 years back and will be celebrating its golden jubilee shortly. National Public School, Rajajinagar, was established in 1959 by Dr. K.P. Gopalakrishna and is the first of the many branches in the Bangalore. Today NPS has more than 1800 students on its roll.

The Rajajinagar branch offers Kindergarten till 12th standard. Recently, the school has begun offering the "Montessori stream" too. Please note that the Montessori campus is located in 1st block Rajajinagar (which is different from the main campus located in 5th block Rajaji Nagar)

Some of the other branches are: NPS Indiranagar, NPS Koramangala and the newly started NPS HSR Layout.

For all admission related queries, kindly contact the school office between August and September and check out the exact dates of issue of the application form for registration. The prospectus and the registration forms should be collected in person, duly filled and handed-over at the school office.

Fee Structure

Rs. 99.7K (Thanks VL)

Please contact the school for updated information.


Hi All,
Can any one pls tell me when does the Admission for the 2015-16 is going to start.

Dear sir/madam,

When NPS Rajaji Nagar will start issuing application forms for 2014-2015?

mohan kumar

Can anyone tell me what is the interview process in NPS Yeshwanthpur for Montessori, what kind of questions will they ask parents, also will the kid be interviewed... if yes what kind of questions will the kids be asked.

Can anyone tell me what is the interview process in NPS Yeshwanthpur for Montessori, what kind of questions will they ask parents, also will the kid be interviewed... if yes what kind of questions will the kids be asked.

Has any one got admission call for mont 1 from NPS Yeshwanthpur for 2014-15


My child will not be fulfilling the criteria of 2 years 10 months by June 2014 but would turn 2 years 9 months. However, I have filled the application. Will this 1 month shortfall serve as a negative factor and lead to rejection? Kindly let me know.


RedBridge International Academy is an international school located at South Bangalore offering curriculums - ICSE and IGCSE. Visit the website for information regarding admissions and infrastructure/curriculum related queries.

When are the forms available for admission 2014-15 for LKG(NPS Rajajinagar)?.My son is will be 4.5 yrs on June 2014.Do we approach the school directly for the forms?


When NPS Rajaji Nagar will start issuing application forms for 2014-2015?

They have uploaded itin their website. Pls submit it asap/ Also update us if you get a call for the same!

Do you have any idea on fees structure from next year onwards. Do we need to pay the entire fees at one time?

From what we have seen, the entire fees need to be paid in full and once. Fees from next year my be increased by 10-20%. Note that the fees have remained the same for 2 years in a row now.

Best wishes.

Our daughter also got through to KG. criteria met are

General category - not sibling, alumni or staff quota
April born- 4 years 2 months in June 2013
Live within 4 km radius
Both parents working

We applied last year too for pre kg, but didn't make it. If you saw the application forms from both the years they are identical, but we got rejected last year and made it through this year. Guess its truly random after all.

Hi, just wnt to know what docs do they verify. I mean do you need to submitt your Educational certificates?????

You mentioned both parents working. Is it in IT sector? And, how far is your work place from home. Did they check with you how you plan to take care of your child after he/she is back from school?

reason for asking - I hear NPS prefers highly qualified moms but, the mom should be a house wife. I also heard, They don't like children being taken care by grand parents when the parents are out for work.

Can you please share your interview experience?

Yes, we work in IT sector and we work in Electronics City (who doesn't, right?).

Yes, they did ask us who will be at home to take care. In our case, though my parents are at home, we normally return home by 5:30-6. So, the kids are still playing outside by the time we come back.

There are lots of myths about NPS admissions. I honestly believe that proximity to school plays a huge part and the parents' qualifications too. You cant have a highly qualified mom who is a housewife... good luck with that one :) Also, the reason for asking for parents with good qualifications could be the overall development that they could expect in the children - school takes up some responsibility and parents give the right opportunities in terms of curricular and extra curricular activities.

Interviews for both my kids were pretty short & straightforward. We go in; principal says hello to us and kids; offers kid a toffee; we sit; talk about what we do; principal asks "who take care of kids, etc"; "will you admit your child to the school?"; we say "yes" and done!

Also, there are lots of stories around how this school focuses solely on studies and nothing else. I find that generally to be untrue. My first one has had yoga classes, music classes, taekwondo classes, physical education twice a week - all in the school. Some of these stories could be because of "sour grapes". Also, bear in mind, that a bad experience is more likely to get public attention than a good one.

Having said that, is this the best school ever or anywhere? I don't think so - however, this works best for us and we are happy about having our kids there.

We received a call for my daughter from NPS Koramangala for MONT -1.
We do not fit in either subling /alumini category.
Very impressed with the interaction process , we paid the fees and secured admission for 2013-2014

When is your interview?

Our interview was on 13th.

We received an admission call for our daughter this morning. For those interested -
* This was in Sibling category
* November born
* Within 2.5 KMs of the school
* Both parents working
* Fees: Rs.99,750 for the first year
* Anything else, please ask...

Hope this helps.

Just got a call for LKG admission for my daughter this morning. For those interested, my daughter fulfills -
* Sibling criteria
* November born (will be 4Y8M by June 2014)
* Within 2.5 KMs of the school

Whew! What a load off of our minds.


Got call for LKG admissions 2013-2014

Montessori admissions have started at NPS rajajinagar for the yr 2013. We just got our son admitted.

hi, on wht basis they will select the students ...wht is the age limit for kindergarten..

hi.. any fresh updates about mont admissions ?

Has anyone got call for LKG admissions? Please keep posted if any one gets call

Heard NPS rajajinagar called for Montessori. Please let me know if anyone got a call.

calls Hv started for all branches of NPS has anyone got a call for NPS rajajinagar pls update

I heard from sources that they will start calling only by the end of Feb/beginning of March. Perhaps due to some RTE compliance.
It could also be that the existing NPS schools (such as Rajajinagar) want the new set of NPS schools in Yeshwanthpur, Yelahanka & Banashankari to first admit students & then they would announce their results.

Visited NPS School today. They have told shortlisted students names will be announced by 20th of this month.

Has anyone got call from NPS rajajainagar for 2013 LKG admission, please ?
Do they announce the list of selected students in their school notice board ?

I had been to NPS Rajajinagar School and they said they are still not called the selected students. Just to confirm that, has anyone got any calls from NPS Rajajinagar ?

- Prashanth

I had been to NPS Rajajinagar School and they said they are still not called the selected students. Just to confirm that, has anyone got any calls from NPS Rajajinagar ?

- Prashanth

Dear Parents,
NPS has started a new branch at Yeshwanthpur. Admissions are going on from Mont/LKG to 11th Std. Written test is being conducted for other standards.
Please check for more updates.
Finished admission for my kid to Mont-1 a couple of days back.

How was the interview process and what was the main things they are looking and what is the Fees.

The interview process was simple. The interview happened right on scheduled time and was pretty well organized. I had read a lot about the high headedness of NPS staff on the net and was prepared for it , but we were in for a pleasant surprise. The support staff was polite.

Same was the case with Principal Alka Gupta.
The interview was mostly for parents. She asked us about our profession, nature of job, support for the child at home, distance of our residence from the school etc.
She then threw it open for questions and we had a bunch of it. She patiently answered all of them.

In between she was keenly observing the child and asked if he could speak in English. This took me by surprise as he has just started talking. Anyway's my kid managed to name a few vehicles that was moving around she was ok with it.

Regarding Fee: 98,000/- (For Mont-1) .
This did not have any donation component and it is pretty much what we will have to pay every year.

Hope this helps.



Can u plse tell me whether u completed the admission or completed interview? my daughter also had her interview but they told they will get back to us. So please tell me whether they told you that get the admission on the day of interview?

I completed the admission for Mont-1. The Principal asked me to pay the fee within one week from the date of interaction.

please let me know, what question they asked for both kid and parents during Montessori interview?

What is the fee structure in NPS yeshwantpur please?

Regarding Fee: 98,000/- (For Mont-1) .
This did not have any donation component and it is pretty much what we will have to pay every year. Of course, may be with the 5 to 10% hike as mentioned in the application form itself.
The transportation, uniform is extra.


Can u let us know the fee structure for NPS Yeshwanthpur. branch and pls let us know the interview process for Mont


Hello all,

Even we got admission for our son at NPS Yeshwanthpur.

We paid 98K and Uniform and Transportation is extra.

The interview process was simple, and my son was asked few questions like identifying the colors, names of his friends, parents, teacher's name.

More of interview for parents about our profession and office timings.

All the best !!!!


Any idea if NPS Yeshwanthpur is an NPS branch or if it is a franchisee? During the interaction, the Principal said it is a NPS school, but I've heard various people say that NPS has just lent its brand, but the management will be different.

There are a lot of rumours that NPS Yeshwantpur is not a core school of NPS like the rajajinagar and indiranagar schools and that it is only a franchisee. Any proper idea regarding this

NPS Yashwantpur is very much a part of the NPS branches. My neighbor's kid got in there last year

Hi, Today I spoke to NPS both Koramanga and Indiranagar. They have not yet called any one for admission in 2013-14 (Mon, LKG and other classes). They are sorting out under priviledge and RTE cases which will take some more time. They may start calling from mid of Feb.

Has anybody got a call from NPS rajajinagr for the 2013-14 LKG admission, please ?
Any idea when is the school planning start calling ?

If any one of you receive call from NPS Rajajinagar, Please let me know.

pls let us know, if any body got a call for interview?

Any updates on Montessori Admission 2013-2014

What is the age criteria for nursery and lkg in npsrnr? My son will be 3.8 on 9 June.

calling for NPS rnr will start from Monday

Anyone got a call yet?

Did anyone got a call from NPS rajajinagar for admission to montessori 2013-14?


Did anybody got a call from NPS rajainagr for admission 2013-14

Even I have not got a call for admission to 13-14.Please let me know if you get any call

Hi, What are the chances of getting admission to LKG if the child is 3 years 8 months in June?

Has anyone got a call from nps rajajinagar for nursery?

Can someone please email me the NPS Rajajinagar admission form softcopy. I have lost the softcopy and need one to submit for Nursery. It is not available on the website. I called up the school and they said if you have form please submit. please mail the form to

Has any one got any call from the school for LKG admissions???

Has anyone got call for LKG admissions 2013-14?

Has anyone got any admission calls yet ?

Hi ,
I would like to take an admission for my son in Lower KG of Bishops school near camp area.
Please let me know when the admission procedure will be started and when i will get the application form so that i can take a right step for my son bright future.

Thanks & Regards ,
Preetam Salunke.
Mb 9850803321/9595232052.

has anybody got a call for interview for nursery from nps rajajinagar?

I had submitted application for LKG last week. When will the school call the shortlisted candidates. Does any one have any information?

Application form mentions that school will inform only by end of Jan

when are the applications distributed for LKG?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am looking for the admission of my son for montessorie for the academeic year 2013-2014.Kindly let us know the date of issuance of application and do the needful.

It is up in the nps site...You could download it and submit it at school.


My child is 3 year.When yours addmission started.

Hello concern is the same as i wud suggest that v must not just depend on 1 school..keep ur options open n plan seats n m from the general category..wat to do i was not so privileged to b born in b'lore n study in means that r children r left on pure luck to get into plz all parents like me try in other schools other concern is there is not a single boys or co-ed school near my of luck..

Hi, I m looking for LKG admission for my daughter in NPS Rajajinagar for the academic year 2013 - 2014.Can anyone please let me know when the school will be issuing the application forms.
Thanks And Regards ,

Please let us know when they are starting admissions for nursery batch 2013

This is lalitha,i am looking for lkg admission for my daughter keerthana
kindly help me


Pls any one tell me when is the application form for KinderGarten given , i want my son to apply for it
If any one know, pls call this number

Dear Sir / Madam,

Hi, I m looking for LKG admission for my daughter in your school for the academic year 2013 - 2014.Kindly please let me know when the school will be issuing the application forms.

Thanks And Regards ,

Sameer Shaikh.

Had called up to the school y'day and they have mentioned the online applications would be reflecting in the website from Nov 2nd week ...
Do we get the applications directly if we visit the school? Pls respond

hey NPS will be issuing aplications for admission in last week of november or december 1st week


I am looking form for my me for get the admission in ypur school.


Nishu Kamal

Hi, I m looking for LKG admission for my daughter in NPS Rajajinagar for the academic year 2013 - 2014.Can anyone please let me know when the school will be issuing the application forms.
Thanks And Regards ,

when the application form will be issued for lkg 2013-2014

Bethany Kormangala ( Pre-primary) has already issued application forms for next year.


can u please let me now when the application will be issued for kindergarden for the year 2012-13

Please let me know when we can get the application form for LKG admissions and the website for the same.


I am looking for LKG admission for my child in NPS rajajinagar for the year 2013-14. Can anyone inform when will the school distribute applications?

Has NPS started issuing application forms for LKG.

Thanks !

no not yet they will be issuing
after 15th.

Does any one know from which std Kannada language starts as an option in nps rajajinagar?

I just wanted to knw that is NPS, Rajajinagar providing bus facilities till HM World City/Kanakpura road/ Bannerghatta road or not?
If no, then can u suggest any branch of it nearest to these area !

did anybody got letter for entrance to 1st standard.what is the fee structure and is this 1st standard in 5th bock or smwhere else pl reply or call me at 8095198625.regards

Since from the begining knew this would happen with this school.
Nice way for making money by selling applications.Everybody giving sibling preference, then where do first child get a opportunigy. Dont understand with school people mentality.

it is true that they mint money by selling those application forms. but it is been clearly stated in admission guidelines on their website. but still as an outsider parent we try our luck and ends with a bad luck as always. but if they are so keen about siblings and alumni quota then they should stop issuing forms for others. poor professional ethics.

if nps prefer only siblings n central govt employess n their staff children on priority then y d hell do they hav to make money by giving forms. y cant they inform their priorites when parents come for forms... Money making tactics...

Don't worry over not getting a seat in NPS. It's a blessing in disguise :-). Do you want your child to be loved and taught or made responsible for the reputation of a big organization? All they are worried about is their reputation and they have no intention of teaching the kids, making them able and successful. All they do is discourage average students and make the above average kids arrogant. Dear pushpa, do you want your child to be discouraged or become arrogant? Neither of these I believe. So please thank God for not getting a seat in this school and put them in a school where they will enjoy learning. Good luck!!

Does your child study in NPS?
Have you had this experience first hand?

There are two sides to every coin. In case you have this experience there will always be some who have had the opposite me. My son studies in NPS and can be called an average student in terms of marks/scores. But his overall development, encouragement from teachers has been outstanding. He is in no way discouraged because he does nto score the highest marks. He is an excellent orator and has good abilities to reach-out and interact with people. He leads many extra curricular projects. Maybe you can say that these are not important, but I feel he is getting the life skills training which mostly are ignored.

Each of us have different experiences and this is because of the sum total of all things - school, home, friends, parents, family, society, many things play a role in our lives.

Holding the school alone responsible for both good and the bad is extremely foolish. I hope I have not offended anyone but this is my perspective and it has worked well for me in my life!

All the best!

Thank you Suma for the wonderful explanation u hav given not only to me but to other parents as well who wud make a big life time mistake of getting our child into such a corrupted environment of NPS.

I have applied for my daughter for the playschool in NPS 2012-13.Need to know has any one got the call.If So please update

Hi parents ,

Admission for mont. rajajinagar is over as told by the school today morn.
It's time to think of other schools.

All the best

Hi Parents,

Admission for Mont is completed in NPS.. School authorities confirmed d same today.


hi , has anyone received a call for mont 1 admission on 17th jan 2012 ? because they said that they will call by that date. please update.

Any update on Montessori admission 2012 from NPS rajajinagar. ?


NPS Rajajinagar - I got a call today for Montessori 1 today. 99750/-.

r u from general quota?

R you from sibling/alumni/relocated category?
both parents working?
income more than 25 lkh per annum ?

I am from sibling quota. Yes joint income is more than 25L PA

Did anybody got call from NPS RJNR for Mont1 as of today in general quota...

Congrats to the parents who got the call !. Have they called for Mont also or only for KG-1? Anyone who had a sibling but still didnt get call?

I had called the school to check for Mont adm status and they will let us know by tomorrow.

Has anyone received calls for Mont1 admissio 2012. Please reply. I called the school and they asked me to enquire by tmr.

hi a call from NPS Rajaji Nagar today regarding my sons admission to KG 1.

Aarti..congrats !! 20% increase in fees seems to be unprecedented..just for info, are you from sibling quota too..? thx for updating..

hi i dont have a sibling quota but my husband is an alumni

Rxed Call today morning, for LKG
Fees 99750. Sibling.

Heard that there are around 200 sibling applications itself or Mont and LKG. Only school who have not yet called for admissions. Not sure about reason.

Sibling/staff quota surely has always been there..but i have noted Nps intake over the years has always included those outside this category too.

so lets not lose hope..and keep ourselves updated of friday 13th today, i am yet to know nyone who has got the call..thx..

Is it so? Did you get this information from reliable source? I am losing all hopes of getting admission here. We don't even have a backup :-(

Not yet received the call. Just called them. They have not yet started calling. Eagerly waiting for call. Let me know if anyone received call.

I called to school today they told they would inform by 16th Jan .
Don't understand y there is so much delay this time. Any body called school ? What they told you guys ?


called now. will be intimated by tuesday..

I called to school today (11th Jan 9.30am) they told they mentioned the same (would inform by 16th Jan.)

Did anyone get a call from RNR for 2012-2013?


Is there any body who got a call from NPS regarding shortlisted candidates.

Please let us know



I called up NPS rajajinagar and it looks ike they wil be intimating in a day or 2.


Has anyone received a call for the 2012 admission year?

Has anyone received a call for the 2012 admission year?

Please let me know if any one got calls for mont 1 admission .

Hi ,
Please update if any one gets call for mont1. Atleast we can plan further for other schools. When i called yesterday to school they told by monday they would inform and today i call up they say next week they will inform. Not sure why there is such a big delay with NPS this year.

We still have not received any calls from NPS Rajajinagar. Is there anyone who has received a call? I am getting very concerned now.

Anyone got the call from school. I called them, still they are are saying we are in process, not yet started calling parents. So please wait for another week. I am really over concerned now, not getting actual status, so please let me know if anyone got any call or have another info.
Thanks in advance

I called up school today and they informed that they will call the shortlisted candidates by end of this week. Dont know why this is getting delayed.

My wife had called the school yesterday and was told by them that they would be making the calls by coming Tuesday / Wednesday.

I remember them telling that admission calls will end within 5th Jan..But I am yet to come across anyone who has got the call. But I read from somewhere else that admissions are over and only alumni/staff kids have been called. Can someone confirm this ?

Just Called them a minute ago.. They have not yet started calling. They said, they will complete it by this Weekend.

Yes even I called morning they told by 7th they will inform.

As of now, I am yet to know of anyone who has got a call..folks kindly pls inform here if anyone gets a call today or tomorrow..Dont know why there has been such a big delay ? If we know NPS-Rnr results, atleast we can plan ahead..thx

I called NPS Rajajinagar Office now at 9th Jan 2012 2.00pm and was informed that till not they have not called anyone and they will be calling in 1 or 2 days.

Just called them, they said all 30 seats are filled with siblings and staff kids. They did not make a single call to other Parents.

Just called up and was told the process of admissions/ calls would start from 5th Jan '12.

I have applied for my son at nps indr. For the year 2012 for class 5th. They had mentioned that they will get back around jan2nd....has anyone got the call? Plz let me know..

When will NPS rajajinagar announce the short listed candidates for montessori?


I just called the school and they told me that they have not started calling yet and we should know by Jan 5th - keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi, What will be the pre-requisite years for NPS Rajajinagar admission for Montessori ?

I have applied for my child in the month of the november. Dec end was the time they said they will call. Pls update here, if anyone gets a call, as we can move on with alternatives..Plzzzz..

They said they will call before 2nd jan. Has anybody got a call for the 2012 nursery admissions?


Nope...not heard anything from the school yet...i am not sure today is the 2nd and we were supposed to hear back by today....did anyone get a call yet on the admissions at nps?

Hi ,

I have applied on 12 Dec 11 for the yerar 2012, have not received a call , have any one received a call , plz let me know and also let me know what questiosn they asked and what is the criteria for selection


Talked to one of the parents of kid who goes to NPS, rajajinagar. Got the input as, Christmas holidays start from Dec 23, and will end on Jan 1. So possibilities of call from the school in that period are very less.

When will NPS rajajinagar announce the short listed candidates for montessori?

NPS HSR & Kormangala website shows nursery admissions for 2012 are already closed.